Arrière-grand'mère à arrière petit-fils
De gauche à droite Ulanova-Arusha-Fiona -Yvhan du Pré du Château
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Chantal Müller 09.12.2013 20:13

C'est magnifique ;)))

Valérie 13.12.2013 16:19

Merci Chantal

Jesselena McKay 15.03.2012 00:42

Amazing animals!

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12.11 | 17:29

Hello, I'm Yui from China. I want a silver or clove puppy. It's better to be a girl, cause I'm a girl. If not, boy is OK. The puppy in the picture looks very suitable. If you have more suitable choices, please recommend them to me. I have a house big enou

24.05 | 09:25

Hello Valerie, heard from Marianne van Wijnsberge that you have puppies, we are looking for a white male do you have any information for us? kind regards Marc

22.03 | 23:55

Any pups available? We got our Jorenchka from you

02.08 | 11:02

Mon borzoi prendre l'âge. Je cherche un chiot femelle blanche, si c'est possible. Isadora est ma deuxième borzoi. Elle a 8.3 ans. Merci